How To Get Rid of Warts On Hands

How To Get Rid of Warts On Hands Warts on the hand are a result of an infection; this is common to warts in general. They are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus which is also known as HPV. The virus itself infects the skin in the top layer which causes it to grow rapidly. When this occurs, you will see an elevated bump on the skin. It will hold a defined border and the surface of the elevation will generally be rough. Hand warts normally fall into two categories: common warts (also known as verruca vulgaris), or the flat warts (also known as verruca planar).

In the past when I have had hand warts, I have found they multiply at an alarming rate. I started out with one on my little finger and then in a short amount of time I had another set of 5 which developed on the fingers nearby. I also developed a bad habit of scratching at them – this is a huge mistake. By doing so, I continued the spread of infection from one place to another. The medical term for this spreading is auto-inoculation.

Some warts can also have little black spots in them. This is usually seen in plantar warts. The dots are blood vessels that have clotted. Individuals will normally see this characteristic on warts found on the feet.

Back to my story of warts – I thought the warts would disappear at one point and time. Just having them was embarrassing to me and I did not want to wait forever for them to go away. People will see them everywhere I go since they are in open display on my hands. When I write my checks, people will see. When I am
dining out and eating, others will see them. With having a cluster of warts on my hands now, it was even more embarrassing to me.

I decided to speak with my physician. He suggested that I try a home therapy which contains salicylic acid which is applied topically. In the event this did not work, he would freeze them off using cryotherapy. This procedure uses liquid nitrogen which is applied by the physician to the area of concern.

If cryotherapy does not work, then there are several other methods available. This will include surgical removal of the warts, or even using antiviral drug injections. After much discussion with the physician, I thought I would definitely try the home therapy method based on the following criteria:

1. Effectiveness of Treatment – There are many studies which indicate home treatments to be highly effective. This is true in most cases for warts. If you have a history of recurrence of warts, major immune issues, or even diabetes – please do consult your doctor before beginning any at home therapy.

2. Cost of Treatment – When comparing at home treatments, they are less costly than cryosurgery, injections, or even wart removal surgery.

3. Scarring Challenges – Scarring when it occurs is usually permanent. Using salicylic acid will destroy the infection on the skin as well as the healthy skin around it. So, choosing the product carefully is important as well as using it very carefully. The best option is choosing a product of salicylic acid that is mixed with a homeopathic or naturally based product. This will help to minimize or eliminate the scarring which can occur.

4. Increased Pain – Cryosurgery, or cryotherapy, can be more painful than using a topical solution. For me, it made complete sense to try the home therapy first.

5. Time of Treatment – When using the home treatment option, you will lessen the number of visits to the doctor. With cryosurgery, it takes a period of time and sometimes you will have to return to the doctor for more treatment sessions to complete the process. Home treatment is more convenient for the individual.

As you can see the home treatment option is usually the better way to go when treating warts on the hands. I chose this method of treatment and gained successful outcomes in this first line of wart treatment. I did not have to resort to surgery or the other more harsh methods of wart removal. I am fully pleased and I am also wart free – 100%!

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