Plantar Wart Pain Relief

Plantar Wart Pain Relief Plantar warts can be very painful and there are ways to reduce the pain. In most situations, warts are not usually painful. However, with constant standing, and walking, plantar warts on the feet can cause a tremendous amount of pain for the individual.

Lessening the Pain

Standard remedies exist for plantar wart pain relief. You can make use of moleskin patches, or even use adhesive felts to relieve pain. These applications help by absorbing some of the friction which occurs with walking as well as absorbing pressure.

Wearing comfortable shoes is a must when you have a plantar wart. If you choose to wear ill-fitting shoes, then the wart will become more aggravated and painful. Adding protective shoe liners can also be helpful in controlling plantar wart pain.

When to Seek Medical Advice

Most at home treatments of plantar warts can be successful if done properly. Sometimes, more warts will develop during this time of home treatment. If this happens, it is recommended to seek medical advice.

Seeking medical advice is also necessary if bleeding occurs with the warts and pain cannot be reduced through simple changes. Making an appointment with your family physician is recommended. Sometimes, he will make a referral to a dermatologist if needed.

Plantar Wart Medications

During your visit, you may be given some topical medications, which are very inexpensive as well as non-invasive. Here are some of the types of medications used to treat painful plantar warts:

Salicylic acid – this ingredient is found in many over the counter medications for wart removal. The one given by prescription is a much stronger version and will help to increase the rate and aggressiveness of treatment. Always use as directed.
Cantharidin – This type of wart removal medication causes a blister to form under the skin. The application takes place within the doctor’s office and you will have a return visit for removal of the skin.
Immunotherapy – This method is often used as a last resort for wart removal. This treatment works to boost your immune system and is given through injection into the wart area. This treatment affects the wart virus.

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